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Producent basenów

Producent basenów

Our names are Jan and Lidia Bregula. We are the owners of "Szkutnik" Company. We would like to present our offer to those who have always dreamt about a beautiful garden and especially about a beautiful swimming-pool. Let us present a short story of "Szkutnik" Company operation, Once you are familiar with it you will want to co-operate with us, We are certain. Why are We so certain? Because our products are as good as all the products from European Union and very often even better.

Szkutnik Company is a manufacturer of the highest quality equipments to your garden. Our products let you feel in you own home like on the excellent holidays. In our offer we have swimming pools, garden pools, filters and chambers of different purpose, necessary for keeping your pool clean. Our products are made of the highest quality fibreglass or foil, both resistant to mechanical damages . Years of experience helped us become one of the best swimmming pool manufacturer in Europe and our goods can be found in many European gardens. For each of our clients we make an individual offer suitable for his needs. We assist in choosing the right pool and we advice how to arrange it in the garden or inside the house. For hotels we have a special offer of comprehensive arrangements of playing grounds for children, comfortable leisure space for parents and safe swimming-pools for children. Let us invite you to our company shop situated in South of Poland on motorway Katowice-Wisła. In our shop you can find all the necessary details for your swimming and garden pool and other things useful in the garden. We promis that your purchase will be satisfactory.

The History
The company was established in 1979 by Jan and Lidia Bregula. In the beginning we manufactured and repaired sports and fishing boats. After four years, when the company had moved to its new and bigger seat, we decided to broaden the range of our products and thus we started to make garden furnishings. For several years we have been one of the leading swimming-pool and garden-pool manufacturer in Poland. We also make slides and special, very efficient filters for cleaning water. We co-operate with Polish Academy of Sciences for whom we make chambers for fish breeding, transportation and wholesale. From the beginning we make our products of polyester resin and PCV foil, coming from the best European companies. Thanks to 30 years of our experience we know this material well enough to make use of its high quality.

Our products
Swimming-pools, garden-pools and filters are the main products of the "Szkutnik" Company. All these products are made of polyester or PCV foil which proved to be very high quality. We not only make swimming and garden-pools but also polyester slides as well as wooden furniture and wooden playing grounds for children. From the first days of our company we have had different kind of boats in our offer. "Szkutnik" Company has a large number of customers both at home and abroad.

producent basenów

Jan and Lidia Bregula,
the owners of "Szkutnik" Company

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